Click here for a pdf report that provides samples of reports listed below.  Or click each report description for individual pdf samples.


Financial History (Matter) (PDF)

  • Provides pertinent summary information about a matter including work-In-process, outstanding fees and costs, trust fund balances, if any, current outstanding AR, and  last invoice date and last payment date.

This report is also available:
  • By Date By Matter Ref
  • By Matter Ref By Date


Funds Activity (Matter) (PDF)

  • Same as at left, except that a detail listing of outstanding time and expense slips is provided.


Payment Listing By Date

  • This report retrieves all payments received for the date range selected then, for each date of the date range, shows:

    1. Each payment received,
    2. The type of payment (legend included),
    3. Matter against which the payment was applied, and
    4. Memo comments, if any

This report is also available:

  • By Date By Matter Ref

  • By Matter Ref By Date



Transaction Listing By Date

  • This report retrieves all invoices for the date range selected, then displays all transactions for those invoices, no matter the date of the transaction.

    You may filter for specific transaction types, if you wish.

This report is also available:
  • By Matter Ref By Invoice
  • By Type By Date
  • By Responsible By Client Number

Fund Balances By Trust Account By Matter

  • This report lists fund accounts by matter with each matter's fund balance for each trust account., then totals the balance for the trust account.
  • The purpose of the report is to provide a detailed listing of the matter fund balances that make up the total for the specified fund account.

Funds Activity With Balance Forward

  • This report allows the user to retrieve fund activity for any period.  The report calculates the balance forward as of the starting date for the report, then the ending balance at the end of the report period.
  • The purpose is to allow calculation of fund balance as of a prior date with the detail matters that comprise the balance.
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