Click here for a pdf report that provides samples of reports listed below.  Or click each report description for individual pdf samples.


Summary of Staff Hours By Day  

  • Provides the number of hours entered daily for one ore more selected staff person in a monthly calendar format. When first opened, user selects the number of "accountable" hours for each day.  Days with NO hours entered are shown with red column headers;  Days with fewer hours entered than the "accountable" hours are shown with yellow headers;  Days that meet or exceed the "accountable" hours or weekend days are shown with gray headers.


Matter Summary View Report (PDF)

  • Provides pertinent summary information about a matter including work-In-process, outstanding fees and costs, trust fund balances, if any, current outstanding AR, and  last invoice date and last payment date.

This report is also available:
  • By Originating Staff
  • By Responsible Staff

Matter Over View With Slip Detail (PDF)

  • Same as at left, except that a detail listing of outstanding time and expense slips is provided


More to Come...