PDF Sample Packages


Note:  Click the report file name in the 'REPORT GROUP' column to preview/print the report group or to download the pdf file onto your system.


Billing| WIP Reports

This is a group of reports that analyzes billing records, both billed and unbilled.

There are sub-groups that analyze monthly billing trends based on the month billing records are entered plus billing trends based on the month billing records are invoiced.

Other reports analyze billing records entered to determine what records are unbilled (in WIP), are billed but unpaid and both billed and paid.

Aged Work In Process reports are available.  Billing History Reports are available.  Billed Records with % Collected are available.

Some Pre-Bill reports are available that were created prior to being able to edit reports available in Billing Matters.


Calendar Reports

A small collection of client requested calendar reports are in this group.


Client Specific Reports

A collection of reports designed for specific Billing Mattersİ users'  needs. 

These reports typically require using some part of Billing Matters in a consistent manner. 

For example, some reports require using the budget hours and revenue fields on the Staff Options screen.  Some require special classification codes, etc.


Invoice | Receivables Reports

A collection of reports that analyze invoice and payment summary activity.

Invoice History, Open Invoice, Cash Flow Projections and Prior Period Receivables reports are included in this group.




Productivity Reports

A collection of reports that analyze staff productivity, profitability and budget variance.

Some graphical calendar reports are available that provide visual indicators of whether staff are meeting firm minimum requirements.


Receipt Allocation | Transaction Reports

A collection of reports that calculates staff receipt allocations and provides reports that summarize in several different ways.  Reports that show pro-rate allocations as well as firm defined allocation percentages are included.

This group also has transaction reports including payment listings showing allocation of receipts and fund activity reports.