Summary of Staff Hours By Day  

  • Provides the number of hours entered daily for one or more selected staff in a monthly calendar format. When first opened, user selects the number of "accountable" hours for each day.  Days with NO hours entered are shown with red column headers;  Days with fewer hours entered than the "accountable" hours are shown with yellow headers;  Days that meet or exceed the "accountable" hours or weekend days are shown with gray headers.

Graphical Productivity By Staff-Monthly (PDF)  

  • Provides staff monthly productivity analysis displayed in a bar-graph format.

Staff Hours By Staff By Day (PDF)  

  • Provides staff time entered by day with Billable time and value, Un-billable time and value and total Slip Value..

Monthly Productivity Trend By Client (PDF)

  • Provides billed hours and amounts for each month of a selected date range (normally a calendar year) and summarizes by client.

Fees And Costs Billed And Collected By Billing Staff (PDF)

  • Analyzes billed records and displays, by billing staff, fees and costs billed and fees and costs received for a specified date range.

Fees And Costs Billed And Collected By Invoice (PDF)

  • Analyzes billed records and displays, by Invoice, fees and costs billed and fees and costs received for a specified date range.

Monthly Productivity Recap By Staff (PDF)

  • Displays total hours worked, billable hours, non-billable hours and the % of billed hours  By Staff By Month..

Contribution Analysis By Staff (PDF)

  • Provides a comparison of non-chargeable work in process and billed hours by staff with total contribution by staff.

Chargeability Analysis By Staff (PDF)

  • Provides a comparison of billed vs. non-billed hours and time by staff with staff % contribution as compared to other staff

Profitability Report By Staff (PDF)

  • Productivity % based on fees billed vs. fees worked.  Also % of hours billed vs. hours worked.  Date range for selected report is displayed in header.

Recap Report

  • This report analyzes all hours entered by staff on a monthly basis, summarizing billed, no charge, do not bill, contingency and administrative hours.  Hours are compared to a budgeted amount and a variance is calculated.
  • The report also compares receipts for billed invoices against budgeted revenue for each staff person.

Value of Time Entered Trend Report

  • This report displays in a monthly trend format all hours entered by staff (billable, non-billable, no charge, do not bill).  The report the calculates the value of time entered by using the staff rate as shown on the billing record.
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